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IUCN: The World Conservation Union

Founded in 1948, the World Conservation Union brings together states, government agencies and a diverse range of non-governmental organizations in a unique world partnership: over 900 members spread across some 130 countries. As aunion, IUCN seeks to influence encourage and assist societies throuout the world to conservet the integrity and diversity of nature and to ensure that any use of natural rsources is equitable and ecologically sustainable. The IUCN secretariat, comprising a network of regional and country offices located principally in develiping countries, coordinates the IUCN programme and serves teh union membership. Throu its six commissions, IUCN draws together over 6000 expert volunteers and project team and action groups from virtually all countries of the world. www.iucn.org

Mount-CEO: Mount Cameroon Ecotourism Organisation

ist ein vom DED und der GTZ unterstütztes Projekt, das Wandertouren und andere touristische Dienstleistungen in der Gegend der Mount Cameroon, im Südwesten Kameruns, anbietet. Das Projekt hat das Ziel, der lokalen Bevölkerung durch einen nachhaltigen Tourismus alternative Einnahmequellen anzubieten und damit zur Armutsminderung und zum Naturschutz beizutragen. Deshalb werden die Besucher, die Touren über die „Mount Cameroon Ecotourism Organisation“ buchen, z.B. von einheimischen Jägern, die zu „Guides“ ausgebildet wurden, über den Berg geführt.... (mehr Informationen)

The Reef Check Fondation:
Dedicated to global coral reef education monitoring and management

Reef Check was founded in 1997 as a grass-roots, volunteer initiative to help local communities learn how to monitor the health of their coral reefs using a standard, scientifically rigorous method. Since then, Reef Check has expanded to include teams of voluteer scuba divers and snorkelers who are using Reef Ckeck methods to monitor reefs in over 50 countries. In addition to providing crucial data to scientists and resource managers, Reef Check’s global teams educate the public about the value of coral reefs, threats to coral health, and solutions to these problems. Most importantly, Reef Check provides the tools and training for local communities to manage and protect their coral reefs. Supporters e.g. Jean-Michel Cousteau and Leonardo di Caprio. www.reefcheck.org
Reef Check Europe: www.reefcheck.de
Contact: Moshira Hassan and Georg Heiss at Bremen, Germany info@reefcheck.de

 WRM - The World Rainforest Movement

The WRM is an international network of citizens'groups of North and South involved in efforts to defend the world's rainforests.It works to secure the lands and livelihoods of forest peoples and supports their efforts to defend the forests from commercial logging, dams, mining, plantations, shrimp farms, colonisation and settlement and other projects that threaten them.

The International Secretariat is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. Contact details are: Maldonado 1858, CP 11200 Montevideo, URUGUAY tel. ++ 598 2 413 2989 fax: ++ 598 2 4180762 e-mail: wrm@wrm.org.uy www.wrm.org.uy


First published 17.10.2001
Last update: 17.07.2002